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PRP & Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Advanced Treatment for Sports Injury & Joint Pain

Experience natural rejuvenation and lasting pain relief with Regenerative Cellular Therapy and PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) Therapy, the innovative, safe, and non-surgical solution that can restore—and even improve—your quality of life. Versatile and effective, it can treat a wide variety of injuries and joint pain while greatly accelerating your recovery time.

Save yourself the unnecessary pain and cost of surgery—get your FREE consultation at Back2Health today and discover the amazing benefits of PRP and Regenerative Cellular Therapy:

How Does Regenerative Cellular Therapy Work?

Regenerative Cellular & PRP Therapy Is A Medically Proven Treatment For:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears
    Precisely inject plasma-rich platelets (PRP) or stem cells under ultrasound guidance to prompt repair by improving the blood supply and the strength of the tissue. Since often no brace will be needed, atrophy of the muscles in less likely.
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
    Use the MRI image to map the location of the tear, and then use real-time x-ray to place a needle into the tear. Place stem cells into the tear to heal the area. The rehab time to full activity can be as little as a few weeks to 2 to 3 months.
  • Lower Back Pain, Various Disc Issues
    Inject platelet growth factors into the area to improve the blood supply around the disc and reduce the swelling. If this doesn’t work, inject specially prepared and cultured stem cells into the disc bulge using a novel device to strengthen the weakened and bulged disc.
  • Ankle Pain, Ligament Tears
    Locate the stretched areas using active ultrasound imaging with a stress exam (to place the ligaments under stretch). Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) or stem cells (depending on the extent of the tears) are then placed using exacting ultrasound guidance into the tears to begin healing the weak spots. Unlike the long rehab spent on crutches and in a boot using the surgical approach, most interventional patients can go back to activities quickly.
  • Knee Pain, Meniscus Tears
    First, treat any lax ligaments that may have also been injured but are often overlooked. Next, carefully map the location of the tears using ultrasound imaging, and inject platelets or stem cells (depending on the severity of the tears) into these specific sites. Recovery is quicker because no surgery is done and nothing is removed.

Because the patient’s own cells are used in PRP and Regenerative Cellular Therapy, it is one of the safest medical treatments available today. Allergic and adverse immune reactions are extremely rare (if they even occur at all), while the non-surgical nature of the treatment allows for minimal convalescence and accelerated recovery time.

The Benefits of Regenerative Cellular Therapy     

Stem cells are the undifferentiated cells in your body, with the potential to become specialized cells such as the ones in your heart, liver, bone, and other organs in your system. It is this specific quality that makes stem cells so amazing and valuable to our body’s natural healing process. When stem cells are applied to the damaged area, it encourages the body to recover by either serving as healthy replacements to the damaged and injured cells or by sending hormone signals to the wounded cells to repair itself. This in turn allows our body to regenerate and recover naturally from the injury, resulting in lasting pain relief and restored (and maybe even improved) physical function.

The patient’s stem cells may be harvested from their bone marrow, their fat (possibly from the waist or back), or from their blood.

Actual Patient Before & After X-rays

In December 2014 the patient started with a pain level 6/10. In a few short months, (July 2015) the patient reported a pain level of 0/10 with visible improvement in joint space (cartilage growth).

In December 2014 the patient started with a pain level 6/10. In a few short months, (July 2015) the patient reported a pain level of 0/10 with visible improvement in joint space (cartilage growth).

 Is PRP & Regenerative Cellular Therapy Right For Me?

As one of South Carolina’s most trusted healthcare centers, Back2Health Physical Medicine has helped countless patients regain their health and well being using only comprehensive, medically proven therapies.

Our non-surgical, drug-free medical treatments are a welcome alternative for patients who want more than the temporary, piece-meal relief conventional medical treatments often provide. If you want to experience real physical recovery without the risks that come with surgery and pharmaceuticals, we can help.

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