Gina Coloma - Chiropractor Goose Creek SC

Gina is a nurse by profession and has been a part of the Back 2 Health team since 2012.  She graduated in 1981 from St. Jude College in Manila, Philippines. She has worked in various fields of healthcare as a nurse in the Philippines as well as Brunei. Her parents encouraged her to go into nursing and she found that she liked it a lot. Gina likes to work at Back 2 Health because, for her, it is a different area of experience in the medical field. The staff at Back 2 Health are all amazing professionals and easy to get along with.

When Gina is not working she is a self-described home bodied and simple person. She loves to walk through the malls and outlet center and enjoys eating out with her family. She loves to travel with her family and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Gina’s favorite colors are red, blue, gray and black.