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About Us

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 Welcome to Back 2 Health Physical Medicine. When you’re injured or in pain, tired all the time or can’t lose unhealthy weight, it takes over your life. Not only can these problems be a source of constant worry, but can often be debilitating, keeping you from the lifestyle to which you are accustomed. They prevent you from being productive at work or can keep you from your job altogether. They may also even threaten motor function on or off the playing field, keeping you from the game you love.

Back 2 Health Physical Medicine is a multi specialty practice with a unique approach to pain. We creatively utilize physical means as well as other medical therapeutics to help in the healing and rehabilitation of our patients. Our treatment involves all the resources available to treat the pain of our patients. Our goal is to successfully restore your quality of life to its maximum potential.

We have seen that the best results helping our patients can be achieved by offering them a variety of services to target their health issues instead of just providing one type of care. So what sets us apart is that our patients CAN BE taken care of by all of our TEAM including:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physical Medicine Doctors
  • Rehab and physical therapy staff
  • Massage therapists

As a team, we analyze each patient’s case and come up with a PERSONALIZED PRESCRIBED MEDICAL TREATMENT.

We treat the individual rather than the pain. By taking this focused approach, we are able to understand your needs as well as the physical conditions causing the pain. As a medical practice specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Back 2 Health Physical Medicine also provides care for all nerve, muscle, arthritis, & sports-related problems. And we keep doing it until you’re back on your feet and back to your life.

A clinic or center may be called a “Pain Clinic”, but may only offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture and muscle therapy. Other clinics under the same heading may be physicians offering only medication to manage the pain, but no therapy to correct the cause of pain. For many years patients had to choose from facilities that offered only a limited scope of pain treatment. The causes of back pain, headaches, arthritis pain, knee pain, and pain related to diabetes has a broad range from patient to patient. We know that the treatment of those conditions must also have a broad range of pain treatment tools.

This approach is both time effective and cost effective. We can help you get better faster and we can offer more services per visit so your cost comes down since we don’t have to refer you out to get services that we can help you with!

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that combining traditional and complementary medicine is the best way to achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • We believe in treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit – not just symptoms.
  • We believe in listening to you – what you want, where you hurt, what you expect, what has and hasn’t worked for you before, where you want to be.
  • We believe you should participate fully in your health care and make the decisions that best help you.
  • We believe in being teachers, mentors and partners in your care.
  • We believe that you have the right to choose the providers and the therapies that will help you heal.
  • We believe that you are unique, and therefore, your treatment should be unique as well.
  • We believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and that sometimes it needs a little push in the right direction.
  • We believe in trying safe, non-evasive and cost-effective treatments first.
  • We believe we are a small, but important, part of your healing process.
  • We believe that you can be healthy and we can help you get there!

Free Consultation

Back 2 Health Physical Medicine provides specialized treatment plans and can help you understand where your symptoms are coming from and what it will take to improve.

Call (843) 405-0025 today to schedule your free consultation!